After Hours Contact

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If your child have any Life Threatening Emergency condition please immediately call 911.

Afterhours calls are strictly to consult provider for urgent medical advice only. Do not call afterhours to cancel or reschedule appointments, update demographics, pay balances or ask non-emergency questions. If you need urgent medical advice call 919-367-9833 or 9834, make sure to choose appropriate option to speak with the on call provider. After you hear greeting message choose option 2 to speak with the on call provider. If call not answered, please leave your child name, DOB, the reason for call and call back number. If you do not hear back from the on call provider within 30 minutes please call back after 30 -60 minutes. You will not hear back from the provider if you block your number. If your child has medical emergency call 911 first before calling on call doctor.

Note: Most practices charge $10-15 for each afterhours call but not R & R Pediatrics. Please do not abuse this service.

Afterhours contact is available 24/7 x 365 days.



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