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Recommended Reading Regarding Kids Health

  • Building Resilience in Children and Adolescents by Kenneth Ginsburg, MG – 2011
  • Beyond Discipline – Parenting that lasts a lifetime by Edward Christophersen
  • Between Parent and Child by Haim Guinott

  • Between Parent and Teenager by Haim Guinott

  • Getting to Calm – Cool headed strategies for parenting tweens and teens by Laura Kastner

  • How to talk so Kids will Listen- and Listen so Kids will talk by Adele Farbaer

  • The Difficult Child by Stanley Turecki

  • Your Adolescent – American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry by Harper Collings

  • Parenting Your Out-of-Control Teenager by Scott Sells

  • Night Falls Fast by Kay Jamison

  • Growing Up It’s A Girl Thing – Straight Talk about first bras, First Periods and your changing body by Maves Jukes

  • What’s Happening To My Body – Books for Boys by Lynda Madoras

  • How To Raise a Happy, Unspoiled Child by Burton White

  • The Over Weight Child by T. Pitman and M. Kaufman

  • The World of the Autistic Child by Byrna Seigel

  • Asperger Syndrome and your Child by Michael Powers