How To Register With RRPeds

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Newborn Delivered in local Hospital

Congratulations to you. If your baby is going to be delivered or delivered in Wake Med Cary hospital, one of our providers see babies in the hospital from birth to discharge. Here is what you need to do before registering baby with R & R Pediatrics

  • Verify with your health care insurance that R & R Pediatrics and its providers are in network with your insurance. Call your insurance and add baby to the plan as soon as possible.

  • When you go to the hospital to register for delivery inform them the baby pediatrician is going to be R & R Pediatrics.

  • Once baby is born remind the attending staff to inform R & R Pediatrics. You are also welcome to directly contact our office (919-367-9833) and inform staff that baby is born at Wake Med Cary Hospital.

  • If the baby is born in other than Wake Med Cary hospital, inform the staff that baby pediatrician is going to be R & R Pediatrics and ask hospital team to take care of the baby. Call our office on the baby is going to be discharged to schedule appointment within 1-2 days. Also make sure the nursery staff fax the discharge summary to 919-367-9832.

New to Practice

If you are new to this area we welcome you to this beautiful, vibrant, fast developing Triangle Area. We are very happy to be part of your child health care team. If you are transferring care from another provider in this area, we thank you for having confidence in us and choosing to be your child’s next pediatrician. To register your child with us call our office at 919-367-9833 during regular business hours and do the following thigs.

  • Verify that R & R Pediatrics and its providers are in-network with your health care Insurance and give insurance information to the staff.

  • Complete New Patient Forms from our website.

  • Bring all prior medical records including Immunization records if you have with you, if not please fill the Records Release Request Form.