Services Provided

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We offer wide range of General Pediatric Services including Preventive, acute illness and Chronic pediatric Illness care.

  • General Pediatric Acute illness Care, birth to 21 years age.

  • Well Child Check Ups – Preventive Pediatric Yearly Physicals from birth to 21 years age.

  • Camp, Pre-school, Kindergarten, School and Sports Physicals.

  • Immunizations – All child hood vaccines including Flu shots.

  • Screenings – Development, Vision and Hearing.

  • ADHD Consultation and Management.

  • Chronic Pediatric Illness Management – Asthma, Allergies, Eczema and Obesity.

  • Prenatal Consultation and Counselling for expectant parents.

  • Newborn assessment in the local Wake Med Cary Hospital.

  • Treatment of Minor Injuries (Lacerations, Foreign bodies).

  • Travel Consultation.